Art from the start!

After visiting Vienna to be part of the fantastic Classical:NEXT, and having Lára Bryndís Eggertsdóttir premiere my organ piece "Enn er margt ósagt um Guð" on the 1st of June in Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland, I'm starting again to work on new projects. From next week and until 15th of august, I will be working on two pieces for soprano and cello, which are part of the project "Art from the Start!". This project is threefold: music, text and picture. I will compose music for the cellist Sanna Anderson and her duet partner, the soprano Anna K. Larson, who also will write the text to the music. The artist Sonja Hesslow will be working with us, making pictures from the music and the texts. We have already been invited to the "Affordable Art Fair" in Stockholm in October, to present the project.

More information coming soon :)